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Hello, I have created a “Cloud Computing Tech Brief” Series. If you want to find out more on what is cloud computing, be sure to do your research. It is an interesting topic to look into and many IT Support Consultants would love to help you implement and maintain a cloud-based system. Below, we have videos that can assist you in the learning process of cloud computing. Kindly click on the link to view the video. I’m trying out a few videos styles.

Cloud Computing A – Cloud – Introducing Immutable Server Infrastructure – >

“Traditionally, we have physical servers that were costly, difficult to maintain and workflows were time-consuming. Administrators wanted to abstracts a lot of these challenges used virtualization so they could focus more on the application. The birth of virtualization gave rise to virtual servers and the ability to instantiate workloads within a shorter period of time. Similar to how virtualization brings new ways to improve server infrastructure, Immutable server infrastructure takes us one step further. Firstly, mutable server infrastructure is servers that require additional care once they have been deployed. This may include upgrade or downgrade or a tweak configuration files for a specific optimization. Usually, this is done on a server by server basis.

Cloud Computing B – Cloud – Introducing Blockchain PaaS – >

“The blockchain technology is a secured replicated digital ledger of transactions. It is shared among a distributed set of computers, as opposed to having a single provider. A transaction can be anything of value and in the blockchain world and not solely a financial transaction. For example, it may be used to record the movement of physical or digital assets in a blockchain ledger. However, the most common use is to record financial transactions. The blockchain ecosystem is growing rapidly and we are seeing in the introduction of many new solutions ranging from open source blockchain, mobile wallets, authentication, trading and now Blockchain PaaS. A technology that was previously seen as an on-premise technology is now becoming part of the public cloud providers platform as a service (PaaS) technologies.”

Cloud Computing C – Cloud – Introducing Multicloud – >

Many things are evolving as the cloud moves into its second decade of existence. It has gone beyond I.T and now affects the way an organization operates and has become a critical component for new technologies. The biggest concern about public cloud enablement is not actually security, it’s application portability amongst multiple cloud providers. You can’t rely on a single provider anymore. Organisations do not want to get locked into specific clouds frameworks unable to move the application from one cloud provider to another. As a result, we are seeing the introduction of multi-clouds application strategies. As opposed to simply having a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure model. What differentiates hybrid cloud from public & private cloud is that there is a flow of data between public and private resources. And Multi-Cloud is a special case of hybrid cloud computing.”

Cloud Computing D – Cloud – Introducing Hyperscale Computing – >

“We have transitioned from the client/server model to complex mega scale applications within a short space of time. Batch computing requires high performance for large amounts of capacity on demand. IoT applications change the paradigm and typically combines the traits of cloud-native applications along with big data apps. Machine learning, automatic driving, heavy analytics form a new era of application that needs to be supported by hyperscale infrastructures. Hyperscale is the ability to scale for example compute, memory, networking, and storage resources appropriately to demand to facilitate distributed computing environments.”

Cloud Computing E – Cloud – Introducing Cloud Service Brokerage – >

“The majority of customers do not rely on a few cloud services; more than often they want to run a large number of different services. These cloud adoption characteristics create challenges when you want to adopt multiple services from one provider or pursue a multi-cloud strategy. The variety brings about cloud sprawl giving management many pain points. Multi-cloud environment are complex & cloud service brokerage can help with their automation bringing services together, optimizing cloud to cloud and on-prem to cloud environments. CSB are subject matter experts sitting in the middle assisting with a wide range of cloud enablement challenges. They broker relationships between the cloud and the consumer applying to both public and private clouds serving all cloud service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.”

Cloud Computing F – Cloud – Introducing Edge Computing – >

“By the year 2020, the Internet is expected to reach 1.5 Gigabyte of traffic per day per person. However, the Internet of Things driven by objects will by far supersede these data rates. For example, a connected airplane will generate around 5 Terabytes of data per day. This amount of data is impossible to analyze in a timely fashion in one central location. You simply can’t send everything to the cloud. Even if you have an infinite bandwidth which you don’t latency will always get you. Edge computing moves certain types of actions as close as possible to the source of the information. It is the point where the physical world interacts with the digital world.”

Cloud Computing G – Cloud – Introducing Cloudbursting – >

“Cloudbursting has a fairly simple concept. It entails the ability to add or subtract compute capacity between on-premise and public or private clouds or to support a multi-cloud environment all used to handle traffic peaks. Many companies use cloud bursting to construct a hybrid cloud model. The idea seems straightforward as holding spare infrastructure equipment on premise to support high traffic loads during ad-hoc times can be expensive especially when you have the option to use the on-demand elasticity of the cloud.”

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