Automating Networks with netYCE

I recently completed a two-part post for netYCE on the challenges of Network Automation. Kindly click the link to view Part 1 – Matt Conran and netYCE. Part 2 – Matt Conran and netYCE

“Even with all the buzz and hype over the last few years circulating network automation, only a small proportion of customers seem to realize the true benefits of proper end-to-end network automation from both a business and technology standpoint. Looking closer, there is a crucial topic not addressed in the many discussions on network automation. It gets kicked to the side by the introduction of glossy technologies and vendor solutions. When you remove all the fancy ideas pushed by networking vendors and NFV/SDN evangelists and focus on the core automation challenge, what we really are talking about is how to achieve network programmability with improved manageability.”

“There seems to be a common fear amongst network engineers when talking about network automation. In itself, this is understandable as network engineers understand the complexities and diversities of networking as no others. But if you adopt the approach that netYCE offers you, there is really nothing to fear. In fact, it turns out to be totally risk-free, fully transparent and extremely powerful & scalable. This blog will explain How.”



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