NS1 – Adding Intelligence to the Internet

I recently completed a two-part guest post for DNS-based company NS1. It discusses Internet challenges and introduces NS1 traffic management solution – Pulsar. Part 1, kindly click – Matt Conran with NS1 and Part 2, kindly click – Matt Conran with NS1 Traffic Management. 

Application and service delivery over the public Internet is subject to a variety of network performance challenges. This is because the Internet is compiled of different fabrics, connections points, and management entities, all of which are dynamic, creating unpredictable traffic paths, and unreliable conditions. While there is an inherent lack of visibility into end-to-end performance metrics, for the most part, the Internet just works, and packets eventually get to their final destination. In this post, we’ll discuss key challenges affecting application performance and examine the birth of new technologies,multi-CDNN designs and how they affect DNS. Finally, we’ll look at Pulsar, our real-time telemetry engine developed specifically for overcoming many performance challenges by adding intelligence at the DNS lookup stage



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