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If you asked a company network security officer exactly how a CORSA Red Armor NSE worked, there’s a chance they will say no idea. Indeed, this new piece of technology can be hard to understand if you don’t already have one. That’s why I was chosen to help explain it. Kindly click on the link to view a newly created Explainer Video Type 1 for Corsa Technologies. I do everything from script creation to video production so nothing is outsourced. Here is the link to the video – https://youtu.be/JsWTzV-wF-g

The graphics are simple enough to be watched at lower definitions but please watch at 1080p for best results. You might need to copy and paste the links.
Explainer videos are great for people who want to learn a new skill or technology, but visually need help to understand what they are doing and how they should do it in the best way possible. Sites such as Explainly can help businesses/people understand how to up their video production through new ways developed within media. Some businesses find that using these types of videos can help them to reach their customers, as well as explain the purpose of their business through a form of quickly consumable media. You can see an example of this through Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos and similar types of content.

Animation has come a long way since its initial start and learning how to best animate can prove beneficial to the exposure of your business. Some standard video production effects like Premiere Pro Pan and Zoom can be used with animation so there’s no need to animate additional frames. This can save time in the long run whilst making a minimal impact on the production quality of the video.

I’ve made many explainer videos in my series called Technology Brief. Give them a watch and see how simple animation can make a complex technology easier to explain.
My YouTube Channel can be found here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnROgyl0h7Z5n05PRHD28sA

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